Reasons why should you do your Red-teaming with GA Political

Reasons why should you do your Red-teaming with GA Political

Some people are fairly aware of the term red-teaming., some are not. So let's start with the big question. What is red-teaming?


If you are a business owner, this is an essential component for you. Red-teaming is the work done by a group of persons to identify risks and adversary attacks that can affect the security of your businesses. Therefore, one can say that red-teaming is the gate-keeping process against any kind of security breach. Concretly how does it express itself ? GA team will do a penetration test - meaning penetrate your systems by surprise (both digital and physical infrastructure) to see how your team reacts. From there, and according to the response, GA Political will be able to make a reasonable audit and consulting; advice you with protocols to set up, equipments to acquire and so on.


Businesses are usually exposed to either physical or data threats. Thus, it is always in your best interest to work with a team that can identify these threats and risks and put them under control.


Why bug your head further when GA Political has the best team you can ever work with? Here are some reasons why you should do a read-teaming with GA Political:


Working with expertise eyes

There is always a difference between working with newbies and experts. For the GA Political team, we have been in the business of red-teaming for over twenty years. Our expertise is top-notch. Thus, you have the assurance of peace of mind while we do the work for you.

Understandably, you might have an in-house team that will always be on the lookout for risks and threats. But when you partner with GA Political, you get a fresh and unbiased set of eyes that are incredible at what they do. Having worked with different organizations, we understand product testing and will give you the best results.


We understand the impact of a security breach

It is one thing to work with a red-teaming team, but it is another thing to work with a team that understands the impact of a security breach. Our total expertise is security - under all the forms it takes. We excell in cybersecurity, critical infrastructure security (data centers, offices, oil & gas, airports, prisons etc) and human security. Sometime your security breach is not where you think... Neither digital, nor physical... but what if the security breach was actually one of your employee, not even being aware that he's one ?


The idea here is that our team immediately gets to work once they identify a security breach. We ensure to have a tight-knit relationship with our clients and carry them along in our processes.


Once we identify the threats and risks, the next step is to discuss how to overcome them. This helps to eliminate all the possible negative impacts that may occur.


We come up with solutions

As earlier mentioned, we discuss with our clients and proffer solutions: clear audit, we adapt solutions to your specific problematics (could be cybernetics, could be a simple protocol, could be more CCTVs, could be our predictive AI tech...). Once we come up with these solutions together with Global Defense, we also ensure to test them out, train you with it, and support you. This is to ensure that it does not flop in the future.


We strive to give our clients all-round satisfaction, and we can assure you that you will not regret working with the GA Political team. Contact us now and have a strong team that eliminates the idea of a security breach for your business. It is one of the best investments that you can invest in. We cannot wait to start working with you!