Leadership and Expertise

Our specialty - cybersecurity, cyberterrorism, campaigns and public affairs.

Our action fields - EU, US, Middle East

​​GA Political is a Global Private Intelligence Agency composed of former government agents, intelligence officers and cyber professionals. Our PIA deploys passive, active, offensive and defensive capabilities in the sector of Cyber, Telecoms, Data Monitoring, Intelligence and Operations. We conduct investigations, fact findings and surveillance on high profile targets. We deploy our services to complex cases and organised crimes, detection of espionage and financial crime / fraud investigations...


Your company works almost only remotely?

We got the perfect IT virtual infrastructure to keep your data safe and a dynamic workflow even if your employees work all around the globe.

Intelligence Services

We succeed in complex physical investigations through a combination of cyber technical and physical/human resources, including the use of high-tech tracking techniques, surveillance tools, covert intelligence gathering and close working relationships with law enforcement agencies.


Cybernetics & quantum future

Secure your activity from physical and data threats, identify and control all kind of risks.


Discover a world of politics.

Public Affairs is a key to success

Strategic communication and consulting with experienced experts in the EU Parliament or in the USA. Conduct campaigns of influence in decision-making spheres. Get outstanding conferences and major public events. Collect high-value information needed for necessary decisions.


Peace and conflict resolution.

Our strong experience accross the continents has led us through some of the thoughest and complex conflict resolutions you can think of. Trust our expertise.

Use the SGS™ methodology, establish strong and balanced agreements, optimal cooperation of nations.

  • People Oriented

  • Bravery.

  • Ingenuity.


Lobbying & Influence Strategy
Country Geopolitical Report

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Presidents, Prime ministers, Chiefs of Staff, Premiers, Ministers, Major Cities Mayors, Opposition leaders and Big Corps CEOs.

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