KYE: Know Your Enemy

Monitor your adversaries and competitors, this is how you learn about their strenghts and weaknesses. Make smart decisions based on reliable intelligence.

Investigation & Surveillance

Our network of international investigators have used strategic cyber threat intelligence and advanced physical investigation techniques to pursue fraudsters across multiple global jurisdictions. 

  • Counter the threat.

    Be ready for any attack and surprise your adversary. Protect your critical asset, your data, your business, or even physical self.

  • Monitor and Decide.

    Make sure you always are updated on your adversary move with intelligence reports and analysis. Take the right decisions accordingly.

  • Investigate and Track!

    Track a fugitive accross continents or a country. Our highly trained team can assist in cases independently or in conjunction with law enforcement official both nationally or internationally in kidnapping, abduction and missing persons cases.

Strategic Intelligence Ops

Strategic intelligence enables you to take the right decision, at the right time. It is a crucial tool for decision-makers.


Monitoring Reports & Analysis

the most powerful tool for countering security risks and threats in today’s age.  


Intelligence is a complex world. Here is a short video for you to understand better the kind of things we're able to do.

For more complex projects such as competitive intelligence insights, HNWI profiles, special investigations please, contact us with your requirements or questions, we will revert back.