What we do.

We bring together deep legal and policy knowledge. Our extensive network helps us keep a finger on the pulse. At GA Political, we believe in the power of relationships and put them at the heart of everything we do. Our values help us guide those connections.

Our Areas of Action

Corporate & Business

Government Relations

Peace & Conflict

Banking & Crypto

Natural Resources & Energy

Real Estate

Health Care

Intellectual Property



Consumer Products

Tourism, Resort & Entertainment


In the United States.

In the European Parliament.

Accross the world through our network.

Legal & Strategic Consulting

With you during the most complex and sensitive times. Providing intelligence, crisis management, war room, consulting, strategy, legal advice, PR, communication.

  • Research, Analysis, Monitoring

  • Influence & Lobbying

  • Public Affairs and Strategic Communications

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For a specific project, please contact us with your questions and requirements. We will revert back with clear answers.