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GA Political

ComplyCheck - KYC and Due Diligence Assistance

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GA Political offers a one stop offer to investigate web and news media pertaining to a specific subject or organization. Plus, access integrated sanctions, politically exposed persons (PEP), state-owned entities (SOE) and third-party data, you can see the entire picture of an individual or business and any risk they pose. From local, regional, and national news reports, to international news sources, industry sources, and regulatory and law enforcement information our prevention screening service allows for a comprehensive and diligent investigation of your subject. This service will allow Falcon Wings to make informed decisions through trusted data.  

Don’t waste precious time jumping between websites, search engines, or news feeds to verify information on a subject. Instead, safeguard your organization’s reputation, time, and resources by utilizing a defined adverse media screening policy for risk mitigation, fraud prevention and to protect YOUR business. 

Our service is unique because we combine AI data and social engineering technics & Human Intelligence to complete the reports and if needed dress a profile adapted to your exact needs. technics allow you to have a full comprehensive vision of the ownership of international corporate entities: whether you need to conduct due diligence on corporate entities or investigate third-parties, GA Political can help.  


  • Meet your regulatory obligations,
  • Make informed decisions
  • Prevent your business from being used to launder proceeds associated with corruption or financial crime
  • Accurate and reliable information
  • Simplify the screening process by combining state-of-the-art AI technology with human expertise Investment for your future
  • A dedicated team for your researchs 

GA COMPLY CHECK is a complete solution, that will allow you to produce quick and smart Reports on Any Individual, Entity or Asset based on our exclusive databases


What’s included? 

  • Global Ultimate beneficial ownership data 
  • Business information 
  • Watchlist indicators 
  • Comprehensive reports 
  • 1.7B+ records 
  • 190+ countries and jurisdictions 
  • 455M+ records on companies 
  • 498M+ records on individuals 
  • 880M+ relationships 
  • Passport check 
  • Sanctions Lists (explicit & implicit) - 280+ sanctions lists covered with 100% coverage of explicit sanctions 
  • Law enforcement & regulatory enforcement lists (entities and individuals wanted, investigated or arrested by an official law enforcement body, or individuals or entities against whom official regulatory administrative action has been taken) 
  • PEPs (including relatives and close associates) 
  • Adverse media, including threat finance and other high-risk activities 


Media research - Our trained bi-or tri-lingual analysts conduct extensive internet research and check multiple and external databases as well as news aggregators. Research can be conducted on the name provided by the client and on any possible variations.

Litigation checks - Our coverage goes beyond aggregators, drilling down to county level and manual searches with analysis of legal documents conducted by experienced local analysts. Complex court cases are analysed and a summary of different levels of appeal is included in a comprehensive summary.

Business intelligence - Our comprehensive network of sources enables us to access original intelligence not available through the public domain, giving you a crucial competitive advantage. We have an extensive global network of vetted in-country resources specialising in different industries.

Ultimate beneficial ownership - When identifying ultimate beneficial owners, we follow ownership structures through multiple levels using the most current data available. The main source of UBO information is official registries, however our research goes further to include stock exchange information, proprietary databases, media and the internet, to complement official registry checks.


Snapshot due diligence reportsOur Snapshot report combines leading-edge technology and critical human intelligence to deliver affordable, targeted information within a short space of time. This report is perfect for providing a preliminary view of risk to help you determine what your next step in the due diligence process should be. The reports are optimised to help you make quicker, better decisions while meeting your compliance and regulatory obligations.

Standard due diligence reports - Our standard level due diligence reports offer an ideal solution when you need more in-depth knowledge of a supplier. This report screens subjects for major derogatory information and identifies company owners and directors. It includes foreign language content and local checks for litigation, bankruptcy and other red flag issues. It is ideal for clients concerned about FCPA or antimoney laundering (AML) requirements.

Enhanced due diligence - reports Enhanced due diligence offers detailed information about your most critical or risky relationships, and should be used where standard due diligence is not enough. This needs to cover instances where the supplier is high risk, high value or has initial findings that bring into question legitimacy.



- Subscription values are invoiced monthly. 

- The minimum length of the contract is 6 months

- Pricing is per month.