Investigation & Surveillance : What we do

What Is Covert Physical Surveillance?

Physical and technical surveillance is critical to the success of any investigation. GA Political extensive list of experienced operatives means we are able to execute our surveillance operations using a broad range of world-class techniques and methods. Our list of successful operations are a testament to our commitment to methodical planning, honed through decades of being trusted by clients involved in highly sensitive matters.

Covert surveillance involves our team physically watching suspects, gathering intelligence and documenting their movements. We are able to identify their residence, place of work, any frequented location and identify any associations they may have. All of their information about their personal and business life can be documented and verified using extensive databases and networks.

If you have concerns about the suspicious actions of your employees, or business partners, family members, friends or significant other, GA Political can investigate and gather evidence on your behalf to be used in criminal prosecutions, civil actions or both.

We are able to place covert surveillance investigators in any scenario for strategic investigations. 

What Is Cyber Surveillance?

Internet surveillance involves the strategic monitoring of online channels to identify suspicious behaviour. We have the ability to build a convincing case of evidence in complex cybercrime investigations through the diligent surveillance of a vast network of potentially criminal cyber activity.

Our international investigative services have established strategic headquarters around the world for strategic cyber intelligence operations, cyber threat intelligence gathering and global asset recovery. Our operations centres are staffed with experienced, industry-leading cyber intelligence analysts who constantly monitor and analyse illegal online activity using advanced cybercrime investigation techniques. Our total expertise is on cryptocurrencies and blockchain frauds. What's at stake nowadays on these new and decentralized platform is crucial for the future of finance - our experts have the experience to perform high-level surveillance.

Global Investigative Services : sky is not even the limit !

Our network of international investigators have used strategic cyber threat intelligence and advanced physical investigation techniques to pursue internet fraudsters across multiple global jurisdictions.  We provide active surveillance and actionable cyber intelligence for individuals, multinational corporations and law enforcement agencies around the world. Our operations were led across Europe, Russian Federation, North America, Africa, Asia.  

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