Monitoring Reports & Analysis

GA Political works with an extensive array of well-placed contacts and sources around the world to produce tailored and customized intelligence reports on adversaries, competitors, criminals, political activists and radical groups.

We use a combination of physical and electronic resources, databases, tracking technology and advanced cyber intelligence worldwide to produce up-to-date, accurate and timely reports on suspects and targets.  We can customize any intelligence report regardless of country, nationality or social status of the subject.

GA Political utilizes its extensive experience in cyber investigations and covert operations to identify the key individuals on the ground while uncovering actionable intelligence that can be used in a court of law to recover and track assets lost from fraud. GA Political has in-house legal specialists who assist with each case as it progresses.

Type of Researches we can lead for you.

Generally, in order to arrive the 3rd type you'll have to go through the 2 first steps. Some of our clientele are only interested in General Backgrounds in order to understand the full picture. Considering the results of the reports, we can provide an investigative and surveillance service on the ground.

I) General Background (history, definition, geographical location...)

  1. Organisation Target (company, state, organization, association, NGO, terrorist group...)
  2. Human Target (physical person)
  3. Networks Target

II) Mapping 

III) Monitoring Monthly, Weekly, Daily






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