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GA Political

Investigation & Surveillance Operation

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Surveillance is the art of monitoring a target or subject's activities through observation and close watch. Typical subjects or targets include people, places, and vehicles. It is imperative to ensure surveillance is conducted in a covert manner so subjects or targets are unaware they are being observed. The subject’s activities are documented in a detailed report along with video, and/or photographs. Only the most experienced private investigators with field craft training can perform surveillance without arousing suspicion or jeopardizing the ability of a client to use the information obtained for future litigation.

GA Political is diligent, discreet and well-versed in legal issues surrounding surveillance techniques and equipment. Our mobile surveillance team is equipped with the most advanced proprietary surveillance platforms in the industry and our operatives are all trained in trade craft techniques and utilize only the most advanced technology in the industry to obtain the required documentation for our clients.


  • Physical Surveillance is conducted by investigators who are maintaining constant watch of a subject by vehicle or foot.

  • Electronic Surveillance is conducted by using high tech electronic camera equipment to document the activities performed during a set time frame.

  • Covert Surveillance is conducted when a subject or subject moves into a private but public location and hidden camera systems are employed to continue documenting the activities.

There are a variety of reasons, from investigating crime to locating an individual, to conduct a surveillance investigation.

  • To prevent crime
  • To obtain evidence of a crime
  • To obtain evidence in civil suits
  • To document an individual's location
  • To document activities in/around a location
  • To obtain information for interrogation purposes
  • To obtain information to be used in court

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