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Virtual infrastructure for company remote workspaces (up to 50 employees) based on public cloud environment

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Highly demanded solution in nowadays reality with remote work in many companies. Terminal server allows remote computers to connecting to a central operating system using remote terminal sessions. With the remote terminal sessions:

  • remote computers can run applications on the central servers;
  • remote computers can run multiple remote connections independently of each other;
  • business can centrally host applications and resources and publish them to remote client devices, regardless of the location and platform of the end-user’s device.

Infrastructure details:

  • Terminal server for up to 50 users;
  • Remote Desktop Session Host;
  • Remote Desktop Connection Broker;               
  • Remote Desktop Gateway;                       
  • Microsoft File Server;
  • Windows Server licenses;
  • Windows Remote Desktop licenses;
  • Virtual machines’ administration and backup.

Set up fees: 2500 £

Monthly Fees: 2800£/month